Domain names

Contego domain name services

Over the past few decades there the way in which we do business has changed immensely, companies now operate on a truly global platform now more than ever due to the introduction and embracement of the internet in both sales and corporate communication strategies. Given this, the registration of internet domain names has become one of the most cost effective ways to develop and expand your organisations marketing presence, reputation and business opportunities.

Domain name searching

The increased importance of e-commerce, along with the frequent disputes involving trade marks and domain names have rendered it prudent for trade mark owners to search domain name registrations both for clearing new marks and for deterring unauthorised use of existing marks.  


The demand for obtaining domain names is based on two main motivating factors:

  • To maximise the impact and market value of the mark or name by allowing Internet users to find the website by simply typing in http:\\ (au) etc. into the web browsers’ query window; and
  • To prevent someone else, particularly a competitor, from obtaining the name and possibly depriving the trade mark/website owner of business and revenue opportunities.

Domain Name Registration

A domain name registration does not grant its owner any statutory rights (as opposed to proprietary rights flowing from trade mark registration).  Nonetheless, it creates at least the appearance of a property right of value to its owner, with purchase value on the resale market and, importantly, the exclusive ability to use that domain name as an Internet address. Of course, if the domain name is used and promoted as a trade mark and achieves significant consumer recognition as such, it can quickly become one of a company’s most valuable assets.

Domain Name Disputes

Contego Trade Mark Attorneys can assist in the dispute resolution process involving domain name if a potentially conflicting domain name is located that is representative of your trade mark.